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18.08.2022 г.

Oblivion/ Goranga dating system v1.01 English Version

22.06.2020 г.

There are some NPC-s in Oblivion that could be considered “attractive” in the real world standards.Those NPC-s might have high social status, power, a house to live in, wealth etc. Your first task is to find little about them: are they rich, are they good fighters, do they have a house, what’s their name, what are their daily habits and where can you find them during the day.You will date them more days than one, so you really need to know their habits . Now you can start to “date” them. While on date, you can have conversation with him and build relationship with him. When certain parameters are met, he will ask you to marry him. If you accept, you would be able to live with him, sleep with him, have his property, have a part of his weekly salary, ask him to follow you in your adventures, have sex with him and other. Beside husband, you can have a lover too. In spirit of medieval era, you can choose wealthy husband and warrior lover.

Goranga dating system v1.01 English Version

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